Cactus and Penguins

Welcome to the new and updated website of Cactus and Penguins!

The site was dead for a while, but we decided to update it finaly! *with the new staff list*

Cactus and Penguin is a small artists circle that goes and comes around. We used to be independent manga artists, then we decided to connect. We are a circle because we all hve our own comic and we rarely do collab comics, but one day maybe.... Also we are located in North America. You can meet (at least one of us) in convention in US or Canada. Althought, this year, We will be at anime Boston instead of Anime North. (since the 2 are at the same time).

anyway, just take a look around to see our wonderfu work!


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hey you!

2013/03/19 - New website, new profile,